Annual Fund

So now. About Dave’s hair. Dave DeHarde, our Assistant Head of School for Operations and Facilities, knows first-hand what a difference our Annual Fund dollars can make. Not that all of our gifts go to facilities and maintenance – quite the opposite. Much of what we as parents and grandparents give to the Annual Fund is used to enhance classroom supplies, provide professional development opportunities for our faculty, and provide tuition assistance to students, in addition to numerous infrastructure improvements.

But I digress. Dave. He is very excited about this year’s Annual Fund and has offered to cut his ponytail if we make our goal of $100,000! If we make the goal in time for the Auction (February 15), we will auction the privilege of actually doing the cutting. Here is a perfect chance to work out any aggression you might be feeling.

In the meantime, you can give yourself an all-over warm feeling when you write that check or make that pledge to the Annual Fund. Speaking from personal experience, I am making my gift in the form of monthly payments. It’s so painless; just a little snip off the paycheck every month, and I know that my contribution is going to a very special place and that it’s a very special gift that I can give to my granddaughter.

Please join me – let’s get that ponytail cut and do a really good thing for the school!

Call me, Linda Wilson, at 919-264-7395 or email me at to talk about the various ways of giving to MCS!