International Faculty: Talking Colombia With Ingrid Caudle

By Al Daniel

This Saturday, July 20, marks Independence Day for Ingrid Caudle’s homeland. Much like the United States from Great Britain on July 4, 1776, Colombia declared itself a separate nation from Spain in 1810.

MCS Families – Jen Tobolski

By Al Daniel

If any schools are going to have faculty members looking up to their peers the way newer and younger students are expected to shadow theirs, a Montessori setting is bound to be one of them.

Mindfulness in Nature

By Melanie Leyden, Upper Elementary Teacher

Nature can awaken us. The stillness and tranquility of nature, coupled with our silence, can calm even the most agitated among us. However, in our world, the value of silence has been exchanged for busyness and stimulation. Children and adults alike have such full, busy schedules.