This Is Serious Fun!

By Levy Vargas, Ceramics Specialist

The idea of simply putting your hands on a piece of clay is already exciting, no matter how old you are, using clay will always be fun. And, yes, one can make anything with clay. Any shape, any idea — we just have to figure out how….

Working with Toddlers Inspires Mindfulness

By Rachel McClain, Toddler Teacher

As adults, it is easy to forget how to slow down and notice the details of the moment, whether it be things in our environment or within ourselves. We are often rushing around, multi-tasking, or anticipating the next thing to be done.

Jackson Asaro ’14 Going Strong As an Oxford Undergrad

Jackson Asaro ’14 Going Strong As an Oxford Undergrad By Al Daniel Being stateside last month for a spring “holiday” and taking the opportunity to kick back and watch his beloved Duke Blue Devils reach the NCAA Men’s Elite Eight was a rare moment of downtime for Jackson Asaro ’14. It also marked one of...

The Fire

By Michelle Reader, Lower Elementary Teacher

Doctrina Lux Mentis. That is the motto of my undergraduate alma mater, Centre College. Translated from Latin, it reads “Learning is the Light of the Mind”. Our motto was represented by a striking metal flame sculpture found at the heart of the campus.

What Exactly Is Practical Life?

By Ana Catherine Dickens-Massengill, Primary Teacher

Back when I was in college, I nannied for two children who attended both the toddler and primary programs at a Montessori school. Each day that I picked them up from school I would ask, “What did you do today?”  Often the answer was, “I washed the tables,” or “I baked the bread” and I thought ‘what is this amazing preschool where kids bake bread, wash tables, and polish shoes?’

Inspiring Writers … and Teachers

By Lisa Anderson, Lower Elementary Teacher

One of the greatest pleasures of my work is getting to know my students. All Montessorians are trained to observe children, but it is often what you don’t see on the surface that leads to helping each child discover his/her own gifts, talents and passions.