Delicious Smells

By Catherine Swanson, Lower Elementary Teacher

We are so fortunate to have full kitchens in the classrooms, and ours is getting plenty of good use. This year Thursday is cooking day, and I love hearing the squeals of joy as the young chefs wash their hands, preparing for the fun ahead.

What are children learning on the playground?

By Adam Miller, Primary Teacher

I suppose the answer to this question depends on who you ask. I have been teaching at Montessori Community School for the past fifteen years, and this query has been brought up by parents and colleagues each year. I have additional questions that come to mind.

The Tale of Miriam

By Don Henchel, Upper Elementary Teacher

Many many years ago in the 1980s when I was younger than all the parents in my Children’s House (aka PRIMARY) classroom, I had my first, and maybe best lesson in being patient.

One’s Waste Is Another’s Compost

By Kelli Bee, Sustainability, Micro-economy and Math Specialist

Additionally, I argue that fertile soil is a source of life for us all. Good soil means good produce. Good produce means good food. Good food means healthy people! And healthy people can better contribute their best to our global family.

Toddlers and the Three Period Lesson

By Colleen McHugh, Toddler Teacher

New-comers are often surprised to learn that we do not give formal lessons in our toddler environment. We do not sing our ABC’s, have flashcards, or worksheets to practice. If we are not providing these tasks then how is the child learning? Maria Montessori discovered that children do not learn best through quizzing, the child learns through exploration and engagement with the materials and adults in their environments.

Mindfulness in Nature

By Melanie Leyden, Upper Elementary Teacher

Nature can awaken us. The stillness and tranquility of nature, coupled with our silence, can calm even the most agitated among us. However, in our world, the value of silence has been exchanged for busyness and stimulation. Children and adults alike have such full, busy schedules.

Recipe for Dirt

By Shelly Lyons, Resource Teacher

Being a resource teacher at MCS, I have many opportunities that I never had as a lower elementary classroom teacher. My favorite one is spending time with all of the students and teachers at our school.

Mindfulness in Lower Elementary

By Jennifer Tobolski, Lower Elementary Teacher

Mindfulness is the art of mindful meditation. The general practice is a reminder for people to get back to their breath, to be present in the moment. Often times we think of this when we are already calm, or life is moving along pleasantly.

This Is Serious Fun!

By Levy Vargas, Ceramics Specialist

The idea of simply putting your hands on a piece of clay is already exciting, no matter how old you are, using clay will always be fun. And, yes, one can make anything with clay. Any shape, any idea — we just have to figure out how….

Working with Toddlers Inspires Mindfulness

By Rachel McClain, Toddler Teacher

As adults, it is easy to forget how to slow down and notice the details of the moment, whether it be things in our environment or within ourselves. We are often rushing around, multi-tasking, or anticipating the next thing to be done.