The Fire

By Michelle Reader, Lower Elementary Teacher

Doctrina Lux Mentis. That is the motto of my undergraduate alma mater, Centre College. Translated from Latin, it reads “Learning is the Light of the Mind”. Our motto was represented by a striking metal flame sculpture found at the heart of the campus.

What Exactly Is Practical Life?

By Ana Catherine Dickens-Massengill, Primary Teacher

Back when I was in college, I nannied for two children who attended both the toddler and primary programs at a Montessori school. Each day that I picked them up from school I would ask, “What did you do today?”  Often the answer was, “I washed the tables,” or “I baked the bread” and I thought ‘what is this amazing preschool where kids bake bread, wash tables, and polish shoes?’

Inspiring Writers … and Teachers

By Lisa Anderson, Lower Elementary Teacher

One of the greatest pleasures of my work is getting to know my students. All Montessorians are trained to observe children, but it is often what you don’t see on the surface that leads to helping each child discover his/her own gifts, talents and passions.

Over the Sea to Skye

By Don Henchel, Upper Elementary Teacher

Once upon a time…My dear friend and colleague, Judy Martell, had an inspired idea. Together with former MCS parent and benefactor extraordinaire, Laura Brader-Araje, they came up with the Teacher Enrichment Award (aka TEP). The idea being that after the school year was over, during the summer months, teachers needed recharging.

Privy to the Magic

By Lisa Bohn, Office Manager

Before I started working at MCS in September, I was somewhat familiar with Maria Montessori and her teachings but had never been in a Montessori classroom myself.

Toddlers: Order Muppets or Chaos Muppets?

By Lindsay Porter, Toddler Teacher

A few years ago, a new theory of personality made a brief splash on the Internet: The Muppet Theory. Basically, it’s the premise that each of us is primarily an Order Muppet (rule-following, organized, risk-averse) or a Chaos Muppet (spontaneous, emotional, a bit volatile).

Is It Friday Yet?

By Rochelle Hayes, Primary Teacher

Fridays are extra special days in our classroom. Students from the Adolescent Community visit us those mornings, and it’s hard to tell who’s more excited about it, our three to six-year-olds or the adolescents!

The Child Creates the Adult

By Jeff Kishpaugh, Upper Elementary Teacher

A central idea in Montessori education is that “the child creates the adult” – that is, that the child, through her/his work, is creating the adult that s/he will become.

The Elementary Capstone Year

By Keturah Russell, Assistant Head of School for Academic Programs and Support; Toddler, Primary, and Lower Elementary Program Director

At Montessori Community School sixth grade is the last year of the elementary program. Our accrediting agency, the American Montessori Society, endorses sixth grade as an important “capstone” year of developmental maturation.

UEL Mini Olympics

By Sabine Howe, Physical Education Specialist

One of the events particularly unique to MCS is our Upper Elementary (UEL) Mini Olympics.