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All School Curriculum Night

The Montessori cultural curriculum integrates the subjects of history, science, civics, economics, and geography. In order to help students develop a global vision, these subjects are taught together. This holistic approach to education is called Cosmic Education. Maria Montessori believed that there was a purpose and an order to the universe. She believed it is a “gift”...

Chapel Hill Montessori School

First Day of School is Aug. 28th

Welcome to all new and returning students! We are looking forward to a great year. For questions, contact

Montessori Matters June 4, 2017

Mens sana in corpore sano. You don’t need to be a Latin scholar to be at least a bit familiar with this oft-repeated adage, attributed to the 2nd Century AD poet, Juvenal, which translates: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” Moreover, this philosophy has been almost universally applied to various American educational schools of...