The Adolescent Community business, Cool Beans, will begin coffee and tea service at their cart this Wednesday, September 12.

The mission of the business is to build community one cup at a time by:

  • serving the highest standards in products and service;
  • providing a reason for MCS community members to share time together;
  • increasing social justice and environmental awareness through business choices and communication.

Here are some reminders and updates about our products and services:

  • Punch cards will be available.
  • We are excited to try a chilled coffee product.
  • For students, we ask that parents write a note giving permission for consuming hot chocolate.
  • Adolescent students will also need a note to drink coffee.
  • Baked goods will be coming soon! So stay tuned!

Your feedback is key to helping the students run, maintain and even grow the business. Please share your ideas with the baristas!

The business is just one way our adolescent students apply skills in economics, trade, hospitality, and service, as well as business planning and decision making. Profits support the larger of the two spring trips, as well as a charity of the Cool Beans Team choosing.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Kelli Bee and The Adolescent Community Cool Beans Team