A poem by Sam Furman read at today’s Garden Day Assembly:

If friendship were a garden, 
Then flowers be the friends
How well our gardens cultivate
On each gardener that depends.

Some flowers must remain in light, 
And some will need support
But all require love and care
Regardless of their sort.


We grow our gardens row by row
One flower at a time
Helping each establish roots
Our efforts quite sublime.

Each flower that we’ve ever touched
In truth will touch us back
Either with a soft caress
Or thorns that stab like tacks


But every once and then again
A single bud may loom
More brilliant than the other ones
It is a special bloom.

These are ones that should be cherished
In hopes they will remain
To lose them from our gardens would
Engulf our hearts with pain.


And so this blossom I bestow, 
With thanks for all we share
For you, a special gardener
Have shown me love and care.