MCS Families – Jen Tobolski

By Al Daniel

If any schools are going to have faculty members looking up to their peers the way newer and younger students are expected to shadow theirs, a Montessori setting is bound to be one of them.

Mindfulness in Nature

By Melanie Leyden, Upper Elementary Teacher

Nature can awaken us. The stillness and tranquility of nature, coupled with our silence, can calm even the most agitated among us. However, in our world, the value of silence has been exchanged for busyness and stimulation. Children and adults alike have such full, busy schedules.

MCS Families – Michelle Reader

By Al Daniel

Doors, roofs and walls can be a nuisance to the Herbert-Reader family. Fortunately for their sake, those barriers tend to feel thin, and are a complete nonfactor regularly enough to satisfy their outside yearnings.

Recipe for Dirt

By Shelly Lyons, Resource Teacher

Being a resource teacher at MCS, I have many opportunities that I never had as a lower elementary classroom teacher. My favorite one is spending time with all of the students and teachers at our school.

MCS Families – Rochelle Hayes

By Al Daniel

Along the Durham-Chapel Hill borderline, the names Hayes and Hale mesh with Montessori education like Ben and Jerry with ice cream. Like Disney and Pixar with computer-animated family blockbusters. Like Barnes and Noble with book sales.

Mindfulness in Lower Elementary

By Jennifer Tobolski, Lower Elementary Teacher

Mindfulness is the art of mindful meditation. The general practice is a reminder for people to get back to their breath, to be present in the moment. Often times we think of this when we are already calm, or life is moving along pleasantly.