The Adolescent students are about to embark on our Peace Study trip to Puerto Rico. During the trip, we will kayak through a bioluminescent bay, take a trip to Old San Juan, and contribute to service projects to help rebuild houses that were destroyed during Hurricanes Irma and Maria. We will also visit and play a game of soccer against a school in San Juan. In preparation for this big trip, we have studied Puerto Rico in five different classes. In Spanish class, we have learned about common phrases used in travel, such as how to ask for directions or order from a restaurant. In Writer’s Workshop, we watched a documentary about Puerto Rico’s political status, and later had a debate about what political status (Commonwealth, independent country, the 51st state, or a Sovereign Free Associated State) is in Puerto Rico’s best interest. In Humanities, we studied Puerto Rico’s history and created an extensive timeline of it, researching from the perspective of the Tainos (the natives), the Spanish, Americans, and African slaves. In Science, we studied global warming, including its causes and effects. That is not all we’ve been doing though. On Wednesday mornings, we have been participating in CE’s (Creative Expressions) which have helped us learn about the Puerto Rican culture, including dance, cooking and food, and mask making. Throughout the last couple of months, our class has been raising money for the school we’re visiting to help them with repair efforts. We’ve raised over 1,000 dollars so far!

Adolescent Students