Don’t worry…I’m not about to launch into a really bad impression of Richard Dawson, Louie Anderson or Steve Harvey, for that would be an extremely ineffective way to thank all those who took the time to participate in our recent Parent Survey.

In fact, there is no doubt that the most appropriate and effective way to thank you is to respond in such a manner that makes it clear to you not only that we have, indeed, been reading your surveys, but also that we have already begun discussing how we can address those issues of concern that were prominently and more than just occasionally raised.

So, what are (at least some of) those issues?

  • Our Early Care and Late Day Programs, as well as our After-School Classes
    • How can we make them better coordinated with the rest of the “traditional” school day?
    • How can we develop and maintain an attractive—yet also flexible and affordable—menu of options that will meet our families’ needs
  • Communications in General, and our Communications “Infrastructure” in Particular
    • How can we communicate thoroughly and effectively, without “over-communicating”?
    • Of the communications tools and platforms that we currently have at our disposal, how can we make better use of them? Or, do we need to look for other communications resources that will enable us to do a more effective job?

Fortunately, some of the changes or improvements that we now know we need to make are relatively easy to implement, such as the fact that we will be working hard between now and the end of the current school year to develop and then publish a more detailed calendar of events and activities for the 2018-19 school year that complements the “skeleton” calendar that you have just received along with your re-enrollment contracts.

Other matters, however, will clearly require a little more time and thought, as well as your help, for we would be remiss if we attempted to address them “in a vacuum.” Consequently, we would very much appreciate your continuing participation in a series of focus groups and shorter, “quick hit” surveys that we will be conducting in the coming weeks.

Please know also that I will always welcome the opportunity to visit with you, one-on-one, or as a small group, to discuss any ideas that you might have, be it regarding these particular issues, or any other matters concerning our school community.

I promise not to ask you a question that might prompt a silly or embarrassing answer, like that time when a Family Feud contestant was asked to name an orange fruit and replied: “A banana!”