Teacher Spotlight – Sabine Howe

1. What drew you to becoming a teacher at MCS? I love the opportunity to work in such a loving and caring environment. Also, after teaching High school for 15 years, it was a nice, new challenge to work with younger children. Now I can say I have 33 years teaching experience working with children from 5 years old all the way to 12th grade. The Montessori environment at MCS has truly been a wonderful experience. The care for the children here is nothing short of amazing.

2. Describe your all-time favorite lesson or one that impassions you? Being a specialist teacher I have had the opportunity to sit in and experience all the different teaching levels at this school. My favorite experiences have been seeing the children express themselves through their own works. I have particularly enjoyed the science fair presentations, the art, ceramic and music presentations, and the incredible works of the Adolescent Community as they prepare for and present their play presentations every year. I also enjoy the Great Lesson taught every fall term. Each level has so much to offer and is so interesting to experience.

3. Who do you admire (and why) or do you have any heroes? Michelle and Barack Obama. They were a couple who influenced this country in so many incredible ways, not only for their politics but in how they handled themselves on a day to day basis. Incredible human values, and family values.

4. What do you believe to be the greatest benefit to a child who has had an education from MCS?Becoming a child who embraces compassion, care, and respect of self and those around them. Becoming a person who learns how all lessons (whether in the classroom, in specials, or in the outdoor environment) are connected and what they learn here at MCS will benefit them and be with them for life in whatever path they choose once they leave MCS.

And just for fun!
5. What is one thing that most people at MCS don’t know about you? That I play the Dobra Drum in a Brazilian drumming group called Batala! (Afro Brazilian drumming to a samba reggae beat) Batala Durham is the newest branch of Batala which originated in Brazil and now has over 1000 members in over 30 groups worldwide Batala Durham is the newest branch which started here just over two years ago. We perform in many festivals and activities in and around the Triangle!

6. If you could have any person, living or dead, as your Head of School, who would you choose? Barack Obama or Michelle!