On more than one occasion this past weekend, I thought of the baseball Hall-of-Famer (and oft-quoted philosopher for the common man) as I listened to Charles Terranova address the more than 200 teachers, administrators and parents who came to MCS for the Triangle Montessori Schools Association’s Winter Symposium.

While the general topic of the weekend was “The Science Behind the Art of Observation,” watch and listen for yourself what Charles had to say when he was asked to provide us with an “elevator speech” for Montessori educational philosophy and practice:

Charles Terranova: “What is Montessori”

As I sat there listening on Saturday morning (especially when Charles emphasized the importance of teachers “knowing” their students), my thoughts were not drawn to yet another pearl of wisdom from the Yankee great (such as, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it”); rather, I recalled the story of a legendary old headmaster of a very traditional, highly competitive, all-boys college prep school: Phil Jarvis, of Roxbury Latin School in Boston.

When meeting with parents of prospective students, Jarvis was often peppered with questions about whether or not their son’s enrollment at his school would lead to his eventual admission to Harvard or Yale.

His response?

“I promise you only two things: We will know your son, and we will love your son.”

Not a bad “elevator speech” in its own right, wouldn’t you agree?

Tim Daniel, Head of School