The best way to get to know MCS is to visit the school.

Private Tours allow families to get all of their questions about the school answered and to learn more about MCS as it relates specifically to their children and family. On the tour, families enjoy being able to stop by classrooms in action as well as being able to see the many indoor and outdoor facilities on the MCS campus.

Information Sessions, such as Explore MCS and Discover Diversity at MCS, give parents in a group setting a chance to see the beautiful campus, meet MCS faculty and administration, and get a better understanding of the school while providing parents the opportunity to observe their children interacting with MCS faculty and participating in a fun activity.

Classroom Observations provide parents the most inside look at the daily activities of an MCS classroom. Observations allow parents to sit in the classroom and observe for themselves the way in which teachers interact with current students; experience how students in a multi-age environment work together, make work choices and manage their time; and imagine how their child would benefit from this unique approach to education.

Please take a look at this year’s important admissions dates and sign up for your visit to MCS.