MCS Fund

The tradition of strong community support and generous giving at MCS is a major pillar behind our school’s success and reputation for excellence. Through time, family, alumni and friends’ investments have consistently made the difference between a merely adequate educational experience and the superior one that we strive to provide.

Each year we launch the MCS Fund in the fall, inviting families to make a difference in the lives of our students. The MCS Fund concludes at the end of each school year. We reach out to our families, community businesses, alumni families, grandparents, and special friends of the school.

Gifts made to the MCS Fund cover fundamental needs like enhanced teacher salaries, financial aid for families who otherwise could not access an MCS education, and the maintenance of our attractive and inviting classrooms and campus. Tuition revenue alone covers only approximately 80% of the costs needed to cover all of these annual expenses, making our participation in the MCS Fund a tax benefit added to supporting the school. 

All gifts are 100% tax deductible as MCS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity.

For more information about the MCS Fund, please contact our office at 919.493.8541.