Field Trips

Essential to the Montessori philosophy is the belief that learning takes place everywhere, and that the curious child both observes and interacts in a purposeful way in the classroom and outside the classroom. To further this, MCS students undertake many age-appropriate experiences off-campus.

At the Primary Level: Elders (kindergarteners) go off campus for field trips. All primary students participate in in-house field trips ranging from dramatic performances to wildlife education classes.

At the Elementary Level: All Lower Elementary 3rd-year students begin the school year with an overnight lock-in at school. Additionally, the 3rd-year students go on a two-night environmental trip in the spring.

All Upper Elementary students go to an outdoor educational program for two to three days in the fall. They also attend an environmental camp in the North Carolina mountains for a couple of days in the spring. At the end of the final elementary year, our 6th-year students take a three-day trip to a major east coast city in connection with their year-long research projects. The students raise some of the money used for this trip through campus fundraisers.

At the Adolescent Level: Students are now old enough to plan and undertake more sophisticated going out experiences in connection with their studies. Off-campus field trips are also planned to enrich the curriculum, especially in the science and humanities areas.

The adolescent community offers a number of ambitious, experiential trips. The year starts off with a three-day community-building trip. In the spring, there is a week-long Peace Study trip. For the 8th-year students, the school year ends with a Rite of Passage trip. This three-day trip takes place in the mountains in Blowing Rock, NC and includes a solo wilderness experience.