Alissa Hansford ’12 Expands Her Horizons in Japan

By Al Daniel

Her Greater Boston campus at Tufts University is a short commute from Cheers. (Yes, there really is such a bar and restaurant, located less than an hour away from Tufts by subway and a half-hour by car.)

As Fellow Alums, Chandrasurins Get the Picture as MCS Parents

By Al Daniel

Upon sending their daughter, Alma Chandrasurin, to her first day at the Montessori Community School, Carrie Beason and Nic Chandrasurin did not make much of their milestone. They just made an old-fashioned memory.

Kathleen Allden Hits the Ground Running at MIT

By Al Daniel

For all of her athletic achievements, Kathleen Allden is not known to wield a softball or baseball bat. But when she started swinging at STEM, her intended long-term field, the Montessori Community School provided a metaphorical donut-shaped weight for her to hone her prowess and poise.

Ned Dibner’s Conception Builds Brighter, Higher-Tech Futures

Ned Dibner’s Conception Builds Brighter, Higher-Tech Futures By Al Daniel Sometimes the Montessori Community School’s greatest effects come to fruition on other campuses. Ned Dibner was merely 13, and one year removed from graduating the Upper Elementary program, when he witnessed what is commonly called “the digital divide” as it relates to American education. During...