Acts of Kindness

By Lisa Anderson, Lower Elementary Teacher

In a world where we are often in a hurry and rush from place to place, it is nice to see people making time in their day for others. It is even more poignant when those people are six, seven, eight, and nine years old.

Establishing Peace Is the Work of Education

By Kalpu Shah, Upper Elementary Program Director and Specialists Program Director

“The science of Peace, were it to become a special discipline, would be the most noble of all, for the very life of humanity depends on it. So, also perhaps, does the question of whether our entire civilization evolves or disappears.” Dr. Maria Montessori

Dora Pekec Makes Every Minute Matter at Duke and Beyond

By Al Daniel

Dora Pekec is majoring in public policy and political science, yet one Duke University roster bearing her name is rife with computer science scholars. Half of the group’s 12 undergraduates have declared the latter major, and two of its three professors represent that department.

The importance of Dance in Education

By Sabine Howe, Physical Education Specialist

Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence don’t just come from the brain alone, but from the entire body. Movement combinations increase memory, order, and sequencing skills. Creating dances also increases self-esteem which is so very important to learning.

When Things Look Simple… Look Deeper

By Holly Dykes, Art Specialist

When your child brings home a piece of art, you might look and think what you see on paper is all there is. However, as with most things in art, the process behind those seemingly simple things is not so simple.

MCS Families – Dave DeHarde

By Al Daniel

After winning the 2018 Chili Cook-off (his Reggae chili recipe won by one point), Dave DeHarde was too under the weather to defend his crown the next year. (As it happened, the 2019 competition culminated in a three-way tie.)